A Terrific Tutor Resume Example (+ Resume Tips)

Tutors are in greater demand than in recent years as education became primarily remote. According to the latest data, the global private tutoring industry is expected to grow at 4% between 2020 and 2027 due to pandemic-prompted school shut-downs and the rapid transition to online learning. 

Indeed, many students find it difficult to adjust to remote learning and need the extra help. In addition, there’s a growing cohort of work-from-home parents, who don’t have the capacity to homeschool the bored kids. Or don’t feel fully satisfied with the quality of remote tuition, provided by their primary educational institutions. And thus, a lot of them are looking to hire private tutors. 

So if you are looking for a well-paid part-time job, or perhaps even a full-time tutoring contract with an agency, now might be the best time to pitch for jobs. All you need is to get your resume up-to-date and we can help you with that. Check out the tips and scroll till the end for a top-notch tutor resume example.

Originally posted at Freesumes