How to Deal With Remote Work Burnout and Zoom Fatigue

It’s hard to remember a time when remote calls and Zoom meetings didn’t completely take over the workday. The COVID-19 pandemic has made both of these situations everyday occurrences to keep people distanced and safe.

Now, even though there’s a light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to the pandemic, some companies are choosing to keep their employees remote – at least for the time being.

While it might sound more relaxing and easier, the shift from in-person meetings to virtual ones has taken its toll on the American workforce, especially among women. Zoom fatigue has become a real thing, caused by long days of back-to-back meetings and always having to feel “on,” rather than adopting a healthy work-life balance.

So, how can you cope with Zoom fatigue and remote work burnout? Why are these issues affecting women more than men? What can employers do to help their employees, and what can you do to address the issues remote working is causing?

Originally posted at Ms Career Girl