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I’m a mortician and I think this is the WORST way to die – it’s not what you think

A MORTICIAN has revealed which is the worst possible way to die – and it’s not what you think.

Caitlin Doughty comfortably discusses macabre topics in her web series called “Ask a Mortician”.

Caitlin has revealed the worst way to die


Caitlin has revealed the worst way to dieCredit: YouTube/Ask a Mortician

The mortician has given her professional opinion on the worst death someone can have.

She explains that while each culture has a different way to describe a so-called “good death”, they all seem to agree on what it means to have a “bad death”.

She said: “Cross-culturally, the bad death tends to be somewhat the same- it’s tragic and unexpected, a suicide, a homicide, a terrible accident.

“For the survivors, the worst thing could be when the body is never found and funeral and mourning rituals can’t be performed.”

But the mortician explains that the worst possible way to die is by scaphism – an ancient Persian method of fatal torture.

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Caitlin explained how the bizarre way of torturing, which is also referred to as “the boats”, works.

She said: “First your body is stripped naked and you’re put between two hollowed-out logs with your head and limbs sticking out.

“Then they pour honey all over you and force you to ingest honey which attracts insects.

“Then they leave you in a stagnate pond to be slowly eaten – but they come back every day to forcibly feed you more milk and honey so you don’t die right away, eventually succumbing to exposure, dehydration, shock and delirium.”

Ancient Persians would also pour the thick mixture of honey and milk all over the victim’s face and expose them to the sun, causing painful blisters.

The victim would eventually be eaten alive by various insects attracted by the honey and milk but his suffering would last for days.

It is believed the cruel execution method was reserved for the worst criminals such as traitors and murderers.

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Scaphism was a grim torture method used in ancient Persia


Scaphism was a grim torture method used in ancient PersiaCredit: Instagram/Teaoftime

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